Mutual Fund Performance 2011

Equity Diversified Scheme Performance

8 out of 10 equity funds have outdone sensex

Eight out of Ten Equity funds have managed to outperform the sensex during the last one year as active manager choose to bet on quality midcaps even as large caps bore the brunt of worsening macro environment

As per data from NAV India ,186 out of 231 equity diversified funds have managed to bear sensex returns because they fell less then the 15.7% the barometer slipped by.

While majority of them given absolutely negative returns ,there have been 10 schemes giving positive returns.

SBI Magnum emerging business fund has been the top performer with one year return of 11.59% Experts attribute this outperformance to managers positioning towards high quality mid cap stocks and low beta sectors.

Among the top performing funds , one theme is common that is their preference of midcap consumer themes and low leverage stocks.UTI MNC Fund, SBI Magnum Fund, and IDFC Premier Equity Fund all of them had exposure to consumer oriented equity names.

Going forward experts do not see equity funds to give absolute positive returns in2012 given the macro headwinds.


The year 2011 is not only bad in terms of Secondary Market but in terms of Primary Market as well. The no of stocks hitting 52 week low is increasing day by day and all the Blue Chip companies are available on sale now.

Looking at the Primary market nothing is new. The picture is even dirty, as the investors who were investing in expectation of earning some good amount on listing have lost actually lost good money in IPO’s now.

Some of the highlights of the Disaster from IPO Market this year

Investors lost approximately Rs 4000 crore this year in IPO
Total Amt Raised this year via IPO was 14,112 crore
Current Market Value of these IPO Investment is Rs 10,114 crore
Out of 39 Public Issues , 30 issues are trading below their offer price which means they have destroyed 29% of investors wealth
Large companies were out of IPO market for the whole year
64% of the public issue this year was below 100 crore mark
Let Me share you Top Disaster in IPO this year

1.Taksheel Solutions ( IT Company )

Share has lost its 92% since listing .

Offer Price – Rs 150

Current Trading Price – Rs 12.50

2. RDB Rasayns

Share has lost its 90% since listing

3. Bharatiya Global Infomedia

Share has lost its value by 89% till now since listing

4. Acropetal Technologies

Share has lost 87% of its value since listing

Offer Price Rs 90

Current Trading Price – Rs 11

5. Shilpi Cable

Share has lost its value by 87% since its listing

Offer Price – Rs 69

Current Price Rs 9

Why to buy Gold,Silver and Platinum in 2012?

Since couple of days the Gold and Silver prices are not in good shape and are going down and coming up adding volatility to the prices.

Now looking at the Equity market and current National and Global scenario it seems that if there is any asset quality which is safe then it has to be Gold , Silver or Platinum.

The sentiments across globe is negative and upcoming recession in Europe has increased the likely hood of additional rate loosing from FED, the European central bank and the bank of Japan.

It has also pushed back market expectations for the timing of the first interest rate hikes across Developed Markets central banks. In addition, Emerging Markets central banks are currently pursuing lower real interest rate paths in response to the recent risks emanating from Developed Markets.

Why gold looks bullish for 2012

Gold may be bullish in 2012 as Central banks by and large are expected to maintain loose monetary policies, with scope for more aggressive balance sheet use in the US and Europe; negative real rates are positive for gold and they should persist through 2012 in the US. Investors will likely remain net gold buyers. Reserve diversification into gold is set to continue, for instance by central banks. Gold demand from countries like China looks set to increase.

Why Silver looks bullish for 2012

BofAML also forecast $37/oz for silver in 2013 while $30/oz for the moment. There is a good upside potential in 2012 silver prices because of continued interest in the metal. Silver fundamentals have been improving in recent years for a host of reasons, including increased demand from emerging markets, somewhat reduced drag from the photography sector and higher usage from new applications. This suggests that gradual increases of silver quotations were justified.

Use in applications like solar panels should increase going forward. Demand from the photography sector has fallen steadily and scope for further large reductions in off take is limited.

Why Platinum looks bullish for 2012

According to the Bank, platinum looks bullish as production in South Africa remains challenged. Demand from auto catalyst producers has been rebounding, though Japan episodes of calamities caused temporary disruptions in global supply chains. The platinum market is too small to sustain several ETFs, and inflows into these vehicles are set to support prices.

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Stock Tips

Tulsian is positive in Apollo Tyers

Sukhani advsies to buy LIC housing below 240

Sukhani advises to buy RIL below 740

Sukhani advises REC targets of Rs 120-125

Nirmal Bang advises to buy Redington India for Target of Rs 100

Shardul advises to buy BEHL around Rs230-225

Goel views that Telecom space may outperform market

Kulkarni advises to buy large caps like SBI,ICICI and AXIS bank

Aditya Birla Money advises to accumulate Sesa Goa for target of Rs 196

Sukhani advises buy TVS motor around Rs 52.50

Devang Mehta advises to accumulate PFC at current levels

IIFL advises to accumulate Praj Industires for target of Rs 77.5

Firstcall Research advises to buy Sarawati Industries for target of Rs 914

Mehta says Ranbaxy may test Rs 515 target